Your Pictures Are Too Big!

I was perusing a local electronics store the other day and found myself wandering down the camera isle. Since the transition from film to digital a decade ago people have stopped using silly things such as lens quality, light sensitivity, or optical zoom to pick out a camera. What matters now is megapixels. The manufacturers really want you to know how many megapixels their camera has. 10, 12, 18…one camera I looked at even boasted 24 megapixels! That’s pretty impressive!

There’s one problem with rating cameras like this: What the heck is a megapixel? Continue reading “Your Pictures Are Too Big!”

Windows 8: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

A hybrid cold/bubonic plague bug hit me last week. While sitting at home and throwing back doses of NyQuil, I had a chance to try out a preview of the upcoming Windows 8. Microsoft released a “preview” version through its testing channels to get some feedback on its progress. We’re in for some big changes — mostly good ones from what I could see, and a few annoyances to make things interesting. It seems Steve Balmer finally decided to get rid of the Windows 95 coding team and get some fresh talent as this new version is showing off something you don’t normally associate with Microsoft: polish.

Windows Vista, Google, and Apple all smacked some sense into the Redmond headquarters over the last few years. They managed to prove people don’t want a bulky and overloaded operating system. Consumers want an OS that starts instantly, navigates quickly, and shows relevant information. Windows 8 is the fruit of these hard-taught lessons, and has the potential to bring Microsoft back into the limelight. Continue reading “Windows 8: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”