The December Roadmap: Heading for the Holidays

Is it December already? has some interesting things in the oven along with the Christmas cookies this month, so let’s get everyone up to date: Continue reading “The December Roadmap: Heading for the Holidays”

Prevent Embarrassing Email Mistakes

We’ve all been there.  You create a lengthy email that mentions something personal about a fellow employee, relative, friend, roommate, …you name it… and the second you hit SEND you realize it went to the wrong address.  How about the time you emailed your tax information to your accountant and he never received it?  Then there’s the one about the client waiting for a contract to be sent over and you send an email titled “Here it is!” with nothing attached?

These types of mistakes can cause a lot of wasted time and confusion and it’s completely understandable.  There are quite a few steps to preparing an email, and all of them have to be accurate for success.  You have to deal with contacts, CC: and BCC: fields, signatures, spelling checks, choosing “Reply” or “Reply to All”, forwarding addresses…there’s bound to be a faux pas in there somewhere.  The secret to making sure email is getting to its recipient is following a list of best practices.  Oh look!  I just happen to have a handy list to share right here: Continue reading “Prevent Embarrassing Email Mistakes”