The One Thing That Prevents Email Chaos

No Spam!Imagine getting invited to a party and looking forward to meeting a friend you haven’t seen in years. You have so much to catch up on after all that time…it’s going to be great! You plan your discussion subjects thoroughly in your head during the drive there. You pull into the parking lot and walk to the front entrance. Your friend appears across the room, and a smile spreads across your face. You reach out to shake his hand…and nine total strangers suddenly interrupt:

“Hey! How’s your mortgage? Want to refinance?”
“You look like you’re having problems – I have special herbal pills to fix that!”
“I’ve been trying to find you! A prince in Nigeria left you a ton a money!”
“Our store has SALES SALES SALES!”
“Do you want to pursue an online degree?”

All these people are preventing you from speaking with the person you want to reach. This is EXACTLY how email would work if it weren’t for a single technology: Spam Filtering. Continue reading “The One Thing That Prevents Email Chaos”