Jumping Ship – Moving Your Website to a New Host

In an non-work related conversation with a client the other day, the topic of website hosting came up.  This person got sucked into the “Godaddy Special”…super cheap hosting prices and domain registration.  GoDaddy‘s media blitz drives millions of people to their website, and they do offer some good package plans.  My client’s problem- GoDaddy has turned into the Internet equivalent of a used-car salesman.  Constant up-selling, confusing controls, and scarce assistance are causing real headaches.  He mentioned he’s also slightly embarrassed browsing to their website while at work as it looks like a cross between a Hooters commercial and soft-core porn.  Being fed up, the client is ready to change hosts.  The trouble is…and this is very common…he doesn’t have the slightest idea of how to do it.

I’m hearing this complaint more and more from my peers.  Not only is GoDaddy losing focus of  it’s core business, it’s making several questionable decisions that are turning people against the company as a whole.  CEO Bob Parsons‘ recent shooting of an elephant has animal activists up in arms, it’s TV ads are accused of being sexist by the watchdog community, and it’s customer’s grumblings have even caused waves in the social networking world.  People are jumping ship, and more would like to but have no idea what’s involved. Continue reading “Jumping Ship – Moving Your Website to a New Host”