The Google Apps Calendar – More Powerful Than You Realize

Google Calendar
Image by HRC via Flickr

Organization is the key to efficiency, and most of us (including myself) are too lazy to be organized.  People that have all of their papers “just-so” on their desk with their color coded tabs and rubbers bands and sticky notes and highlighters drive me crazy.  It amazes me that they can actually find their work when it’s buried under all those office supplies.  What I need is a personal assistant that follows me around and lets me know everything I’m supposed to be doing at a specific time.  Someone to tell me things like “Call your client at 11am,” “Your mom’s birthday is tomorrow,” and “At 2:00 you have a company meeting about buying more office supplies.”  Unless you make Charlie Sheen money, you’re probably not able to pay someone to walk behind you all day rattling off your schedule.  However, technology has once again provided a suitable substitute. Continue reading “The Google Apps Calendar – More Powerful Than You Realize”