7 Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Safe

Smartphones are great! Apparently I’m not the only one that thinks so…more people are using smartphones to connect to the Internet than PC’s in key markets. Consumers have discovered the convenience of having mobile “mini-computers” and are using them to take full advantage of apps and access to instant information. Unfortunately the scent of success has attracted the attention of Internet predators, so a focus on mobile security is becoming increasingly important. The easy access to information we enjoy on our phones can be a prime target for hackers taking advantage of this new frontier. Keep these 7 tips in mind to keep yourself protected when you’re on the go: Continue reading “7 Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Safe”

Google’s New Docs App- Take Your Office With You

Google released the long-anticipated Google Docs app for Android this week.   The new app gives access to your all of your Google Docs content while on the go, and a few new tricks to boot.

You could always log into your Google Docs from your phone by going to docs.google.com, but the interface is a bit clunky and difficult to work with on small screens.  If you want to edit a spreadsheet from there, you reeeeally have to want to do it.  Google realized this, so they made a slick Android app that is more touch-screen friendly (sorry iPhone users- you’re still stuck with the web for now).  Larger icons and displays are the main improvement, but the overall functionality of Docs from your phone or tablet has been vastly improved.   Continue reading “Google’s New Docs App- Take Your Office With You”