Try the New Compose Feature in Google Mail

A new Compose window is rolling out to Google based email accounts, adding a lot of requested features and making email creation faster. You will be prompted to try out the new feature as an option over the next couple of months, then it will be enabled automatically for everyone. Continue reading “Try the New Compose Feature in Google Mail”

Tech Curmudgeon: Invent a Problem, Sell a Solution!

Flowbee?It seems like all the good problems have already been fixed.

Need to eat quick?  Microwave.
Need to get there quick?  Car.
Need to look up something?  Computer
…while travelling in your car to buy a new microwave?  Smartphone.

You get the idea — every normal situation has a product that makes it more convenient. Since all the common situations are accounted for, it forces manufacturers to create “new” common situations. Using mystical powers and Jedi mind tricks,  they convince you that you’re going to experience these invented happenings, and before you know it you’re whipping out your credit card. Here’s a few examples I ran across recently. Continue reading “Tech Curmudgeon: Invent a Problem, Sell a Solution!”

Mozilla: We Don’t Do Enterprise. Google: WE DO!

The IT world is mad at Asa Dotzler, and with good reason.

Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox web browser, has increased it’s production schedule in a big way: it’s pushing new versions out the door in months instead of years, and ending support on it’s previous versions in the interim.

This is great for home users as they get the latest and greatest on a regular basis. In the business world however, rapid releases are bad news. Web browsers have to be tested for compatibility and security by IT departments, and this process can take weeks…months…even years in some cases. So what happens when the browser manufacturer your company bases its web platform on decides to create major releases every few months? Chaos. Continue reading “Mozilla: We Don’t Do Enterprise. Google: WE DO!”

Gmail, Google Apps, Apps for Business, and Apps for Non-Profit — What’s the Difference?

Google AppsBesides search, Gmail is Google’s most popular product. Its immense storage capacity and the inclusion of a robust office application suite makes it one of the most useful services on the Internet. However, Google Apps accounts come in four main flavors, and many do not understand the difference. Using the correct type of Apps account ensures you are leveraging these powerful tools to your advantage. Continue reading “Gmail, Google Apps, Apps for Business, and Apps for Non-Profit — What’s the Difference?”