Streaming Important Playoff Matchups This April with Your Home Internet Connection

April is known for being a sports month. Some big events start and end in April, filling up the start of Spring with some of the most sporting events you’ll see all year long. Now that March Madness is in the books, it’s time to concentrate on the NHL and NBA playoffs. The cool thing about the playoffs is that they go on for weeks. There won’t be a shortage of games to watch for either sport.

Even better is that you can watch both the NBA playoffs and the Stanley Cup playoffs using an Internet connection without cable! You can use streaming services to watch all of the games in both series of playoffs. That said, it’s important to note that if you don’t want to get stuck buffering or missing parts of the games that you need reliable, fast Internet and a good data package. If you’re uncertain of your speed or need an unlimited data package, Toast has a performance test and data plans with unlimited data at a fair price.

If you’re all set on your Internet package and ready to watch some sports, here at the services that will ensure you don’t miss a thing this playoff season.
Stanley Cup Playoffs

Sling TV – Sling TV has packages that include the NHL playoff channels for $25/month. This package has both USA and NBCSN. It also has NBC in select cities or on-demand access nationwide. You can add the NHL Network in the Sports bundle for a few additional dollars. You can also add CNBC, which is available in another bundle. Sling TV airs on most streaming devices and to get you started they offer a 7-day free trial.

DIRECTV NOW – If you want the complete lineup of channels to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs you’ll need the Go Big package, which is $60/month. This gives you access to 80 channels including the four you need to watch the playoffs. DIRECTV NOW does offer streaming and mobile service, but it is not yet available on the Roku. As with most streaming services, DIRECTV NOW includes a one-week trial.

PlayStation Vue: PlayStation Vue does not include NHL Network, but does have all the other channels you need to watch the playoffs. You’ll pay just $40 if you live in an area with all the locals like NBC live streaming or $30 if it’s only available on-demand. PS Vue does include a cloud-based DVR that will allow you to record shows and watch them for up to 28-days. A 5-day trial is also available.

FuboTV: FuboTV started as a sports streaming network, and it still caters to many sports fans. While the service also offers other channels, it has everything you need to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs except NHL Network. All other channels are available as either a live stream or on-demand channel for just $35/month. FuboTV also includes a free week at the beginning of each membership.

NBA Playoffs

DIRECTV NOW – If you want to watch the NBA playoffs you only need the Live a Little package for $35/month. This gives you access to ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, and TNT. If you also want NBA TV or ESPNews, you can get those in a bigger package. These are all the channels you’ll need to watch every playoff game. The complete set of channels you’ll need comes to $60/month. You’ll also get a free week trial.

Sling TV – Here you just need the $20 Sling TV Orange package and the $5 sports add-on to have access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, TNT, ESPNews, and NBA TV. While you don’t have ABC directly, you will have live stream access to any ABC airing games through ESPN3 or the WatchESPN app. You can watch Sling TV on most any device, and you get a free one-week trial.

PlayStation Vue – PlayStation Vue has packages that start at $30 and like with Sling TV you’ll have access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 (which allows you to watch ABC games with the WatchESPN app), and TNT. Larger packages also include NBA TV. Vue includes a 5-day trial.

While FuboTV also includes NBA TV, they do not offer ESPN or other networks that you would need to watch the playoffs online.
That’s all there is to it! Each of these services will allow you to watch the NHL playoffs and the NBA playoffs. Best of all, they all start with trials that will allow you to watch some of the games for free!