Google Mail Has a New Compose Window!

Google has recently upgraded the Compose Window of Gmail. The new Compose Window is much cleaner, more compact, and offers some new convenience features. When the upgrade is available on your account you’ll be prompted with the following screen:

Simply click Try It Now to automatically upgrade to the new Compose Window. If you click “Not Now”, you will not be upgraded, but you will be prompted to upgrade each time you log into your email.

Once you click the Try it Now button, you will be shown a very brief tutorial on the Compose Window changes:

This window demonstrates where the various buttons are and what they do. It also illustrates one of the new compose windows most powerful features: you can compose new emails while viewing other emails or navigating around your inbox.

Once you have taken a look around, click Got it and you will return to your normal email screen.

New Buttons:

Controls for the new Compose Window are located on the bottom of the screen as opposed to the top. Also, a lot of the lesser-used features are hidden to keep things clean. Holding your mouse cursor over a button will tell you what the button does, and clicking a button will give you more options. For instance, click the A button and you will see all the text formatting options. From here you can change the font, underline, bold, italicize, add lists, change alignment or remove all formatting.

The new Compose Window is a huge improvement over the older method as it allows you to open multiple windows and continue to see your email while you are writing. Enjoy!

By: Josh Bierwiler

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11 thoughts on “Google Mail Has a New Compose Window!

  1. RE: GMail

    It looks like it might be a winner, because . . . they’re finally getting the picture – somewhat?
    Thank you, – – – I was wondering when they’d catch up with the rest of the world, as far as being able to format my messages – my way!!! Now, if they’d only get rid of the “Stars, Labels, and the other B.S. (And stop taking-up so much desktop space w/ them) then we’d really have something. It would really help, to be able to do off-line compositing for e-mail, too. The annoying pop-up stuff, while you’re trying to concentrate on the body of an important e-mail, really pushes my buttons. It’s bad enough there’s all that junk while you’re surfing, but to have to be subjected to it while you’re trying to get something done, is enough to make you blow-your stack. YESSSS, I know that I can always use Notepad, Wordpad, or MS Word to do the off-line compositing, and then attach it, but . . . how about an “E-mail, off-line, file cabinet on the desktop, for instance, where you could place your correspondence (Auto-linked to your GMail account, of course) and have an “Icon” inside the compose window, where you could auto-scroll, and then it would auto-paste your formatted text into whatever you were composing ??? Sure would make things a lot more convenient, don’t you think ? “We have the technology . . . We can rebuild him.” (Quote; Six Million dollar Man, TV show) – – – And that was how many years ago ?

    1. Good morning Judy!

      The idea behind making the new compose window narrow is that, on average, most people add in recipients, a subject line and a couple lines of text and then hit send. Most people on average do not compose giant emails.

      So, Google is attempting to streamline the process.

      If you would like, you could easily click the arrow pointing up and to the right by the X and that will pop it ‘out’. With the new window you can increase or decrease the size of the window to your hearts content.

  2. Why can’t I find sent mail on this new format? It isn’t saved with the mail sent on the old system.

    1. Good morning A.M.Dowler!

      The sent mail is in the same spot it was prior to the new compose window. If you look on the left hand side of the inbox you will see Inbox, Starred and Sent Mail.

      If you do not see Sent Mail here, then click on More below and you will see the remaining inboxes and labels.

      If you still have issues or concerns please do not hesitate to call us at 419-292-2200.

  3. Totally stinks!! Why fix what wasn’t broken. . . .I hate working upside down! Dump it please!

    1. Good morning Carol!

      You can revert temporarily back to the old system if you click on the arrow pointing downwards in the bottom right hand corner and click “Temporarily revert”.

      Please keep in mind this is a temporary thing, there will come a point where the new compose window is pushed out as the default setting.

      What about the new Compose window do you not like?

  4. It does have a cleaner look than the old one. I did not mind the old compose format, but this new way is fine with me.There seems to be more options, too.

  5. I like the new pop up window… BUT – How do you stop auto-scroll while composing???!!!!!! This is driving me crazy! The window constantly automatically scrolls up as I’m typing to where half the time I cannot see anything above the line I am typing; and worse, the other half of the time it scrolls all the text up beyond the typing window to where you can’t even see what you are currently typing. How can you compose anything if you can’t even see what you’re typing? Arggghhh!!!!

    It’s not just a constant annoyance… it’s making composing emails an exercise in frustration and anger as I’m constantly trying to scroll the text back where I can see it (and at least some of the text I’ve typed above it). But as soon as I resume typing it autoscrolls all the text up and away from sight. Double Arggghhhh!!! This is so idiotic!! I used to love my Gmail, and now I’m so constantly frustrated with this I’m starting to hate it! This now, coupled with taking away iGoogle as my homepage is forcing me to seriously consider changing to Yahoo for everything. I’m about done.

    1. If you’re writing a lengthy email, you can use the “Pop Out” arrow next to the “X” in the upper right corner. This will break the compose message out into a separate window and allow you to resize it to any size you wish.

  6. I like the new compose page fine, but the new in box is a bunch of crap! On the old page I could check a box in spam & hit delete and they were gone. Now I have to check every box individually……and sometimes that is a lot of spam. #2. The old box automatically put my mail out there, now I have to click on in box or what ever to see if there is any mail. Depending on what I am doing, that can be a huge waste of time. I’m sure there will come a time when I can’t use outlook express……This is the only way I can save my mail to an external hard drive.

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