New Gmail App for iPhone/iPad for Google Apps users

A year or so ago, an app for Gmail was finally released for the iPhone and the iPad.

It was terrible.

In response, an embarrassed Google rushed out several updates to try to make things right…and it didn’t help much.

Today, the slate is being wiped clean as Google announces GMail 2.0 for the iPhone and iPad…and it’s not terrible! In fact, it’s downright snazzy.

The new app features a lot of things Apple users have been begging for:

  • multiple account support
  • the ability to accept Google Calendar appointments from email
  • auto-complete
  • Google+ integration

iphone1[1]           iphone4[1]

They also gave the interface a new look with new animations…it feels like they got it right this time.

Go to the App store on your Apple device to download Gmail 2.0. and Google Apps users can simply enter their email address and password into the app to get it going. Enjoy!

UPDATE: We’ve discovered that the app has a problem with email accounts. However, the app works well with Google powered sub-accounts and all Google Apps for Business accounts. I’ll keep you posted with updates.


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