Security Alert for Internet Explorer Users

Microsoft URGES everyone to install security tool

UPDATE: Microsoft has released a patch to fix this security issue as of 9/22/12. Please run Windows Update to make sure you are patched.


This week, Microsoft is urging Windows users to install a security tool to protect against a newly discovered bug in Internet Explorer.

This security issue may allow hackers to take control of infected PCs and affects all versions Internet Explorer browsers. Microsoft is currently working to patch the flaw, but their security tool should protect users in the meantime.

The free security tool, called the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit,  is available from Microsoft.

The malicious software,  known as Poison Ivy, was discovered last Friday and has the capability of stealing data and assuming remote control of infected PC’s. Being a “zero-day” infection, there are not any effective patches or protections available against it as of yet. Antivirus manufacturers are working on updates to protect against Poison Ivy, and are expected to have them available later this week.

In the meantime, be sure to install any Windows updates as soon as they are available. Check for the latest updates from Windows Update.

For free antivirus software, visit’s Software Page.

Update 9/20/12:

Microsoft has announced a patch for this vulnerability will be made available on Friday, Sept. 21st via Windows Update.


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5 Responses to Security Alert for Internet Explorer Users

  1. Taylor says:

    Panda seems to have information on a number of Poison Ivy viruses.

    • Variants of Poison Ivy have been around for a while. This new variant was discovered last Friday (9/14) and has no patch as of yet.

  2. selah says:

    how does this tool work?
    what is the user to do with it?

    • You simply install the tool. There is nothing else that has to be done. The tool was provided by Microsoft as a temporary fix to the security hole until an official patch is released.

      It looks like this alert has finally hit the major media outlets. More information is located here:

      • selah says:

        Thank you, Doug.

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