Email Updates Explained

Several years ago, licensed the Gmail interface for our mail system because of its outstanding features:

  • A gigantic amount mailbox storage
  • Synchronization with mobile devices
  • Integrated office suite (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, etc)
  • State-of-the-art features that are constantly being improved and updated

This week, has expanded the functionality of our email accounts even further by making them fully compatible with other Google-based services. This means that any Google-based service can be used with your email account without have to create a separate Gmail account. For example, in the past if you wanted to sign into YouTube to upload videos or Picasa to share photos, you had to have a separate Gmail email address. Now, if you’re logged into the Start Page, your email account will log into these services automatically!

Note that’s policies on privacy are not changing — your personal account information will not be shared with 3rd parties. Customers should notice a “license agreement” screen the next time they log into their mail account. Simply select “I accept. Continue to my account.” to enable the new features. If you do not use other Google services, you will not notice any difference in your email functionality.

Another benefit of this change is the ability to use multiple Google-based email accounts from a single screen. For example, I have an account, a Google Apps business account, and a standard Gmail account. If I log into one of these accounts, I can click on my email address in the upper-right corner of the screen and switch addresses instantly:

Click on your email address and switch between multiple Google-based email accounts instantly.

If you have additional Google-based email addresses and they’re not showing up, you can click “Add Account” to sign into them and enable instant switching.

These changes will make your email address more convenient to use and give you access to a lot of great services. Enjoy!

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  1. I check my account, and I got the message that from google google sites and igoogle are not compatible with the account. It seems that only a few google services are available with a account.

    1. Rick,

      That is correct. Not ALL Google-based services are available, but more are on the way. We’re taking baby steps on granting access to make sure everything works. If you log into your email and click the More link at the top, you should see all the services you can use with your account.

  2. It doesn’t make sense to have a mail account anymore; everything is moving to google and gmail. if I have to have a google account anyway why not just make it my primary….oh yeah I have to get new business cards and notify all of my friends of my new address and update all of my profile info on all of my credit cards etc…essentially I have to remarket myself with a new address……what a pain.

    1. I like the fact that I can call or email someone to fix a problem or tell me how to do something isn’t working. Also, I have a Gmail account and a Yahoo account and they get loaded with spammed so much they’re nearly unusable. If I have a problem with either account, all I can do is search Internet forums to try to help myself. Also my account doesn’t get any spam, so I think they do a bunch of extra protection behind the scenes. I’m liking my TOAST and doubt I’ll ever leave!

      1. Right on, Dave. Have been with Toast since 2000 and although they’re not my isp anymore, it’s worth a couple bucks a month to keep the same email address and have access to excellent customer service.

    2. We have stayed with Toast because I have a couple church web pages that use our web space (for now – working to get a full site hosted with a service) as well as keeping the same email address. I am, however, a bit uneasy with the alliance Toast has with Google.

  3. Thanks guys, for not allowing me to opt out of having google follow me around the internet and use my personal data as it chooses. Thanks for making it so that I have to stay signed out of the home page and as a result can no longer customize it. Was planning to stay with you guys after I move but now I will reconsider.

    1. I’m with you on that, Lauren. I am very disappointed with this Google being forced on us. And what is with the ugly black bar at the top of my homepage now?? Can’t get rid of it. Did anyone read the “license agreement” page that comes up (and WON’T let you into your email until you agree to it!)? It says in there (if I read it correctly) that not only Google, but now Toast can access our emails at will, too. :/ Now, I love Toast, and I don’t think they’re going to sit around reading our emails or anything, but that freedom makes me uneasy, all the same. 😦 Shame on you, Toast, for not bothering to ask us what WE thought about it before you made all these changes.

    2. I would just like to point out that email accounts have been Google-based for several years. The only thing that was added was the ability to use your email account to log into other Google services if you wish. If you don’t use other Google services (like YouTube, Picasa, Drive, and others), absolutely nothing else has changed.

      1. That’s not exactly true. It is now impossible to “sign out” unless you sign out and then delete cookies. You can sign out of email and sign out of the home page but the minute you go to a new page you are automatically signed in again. It never used to be this way until the switch. Frustrating and disappointing.

  4. Is google mail now on every account yet? I have not seen any difference in my email at all and have not had to click on anything new in order to get my email. Of course, I never had an email account with google. How do I know if my email account has been switched over yet or not?

  5. Google fined $25,000. for hindering an FCC investigation. Charges Google
    with collecting e-mails, instant messages, chat sessions, passwords, and other
    private info that were not needed for the project they were supposedly working on.
    With Google we are not their client, we are their product. We exchange privacy
    for “free” e-mail. We exsist to be exploited.

  6. google tells me I do not have a toast account
    can get to my google mail but can not get to toast mail

    1. Robert,

      Make sure you are signed into the Start Page ( Then, log into your email and click on your email address in the upper right corner of your email screen. You should be able to choose your account there. You can easily switch between your account and any other Google accounts with this method.

  7. If I wanted a Google account, I’d have one for free; instead, I’m paying for one and still giving that mega-corporation access to my personal info. And, to boot, it’s more complicated to access my email when I’m signed into something else, like my gmail accounts and calendars at work. I’m preparing to leave Toast, very disappointed and quite angry. And, yes, I know you switched to Google’s mail services a couple of years ago, and I didn’t like it then either, but now it’s way worse.

  8. I no longer get to read my mail I am getting very upset with this service. I guess I need to learn what is going on who do I get in touch with as i can no longer read my mail.?????????????????

  9. I have had LOTS of problems accessing my Toast email, ever since I switched to Toast. Everything else works (usually) fine……but my mail generally freezes everything & won’t let me read it. I, too, may have to give up my cold Toast.

  10. I agree with most all of what folks are saying. I am really upset with the arrogance and lack of consideration for the customer base. The forced acceptance of google (does anyone really trust them?) and the addition of a bunch of crap that I will never use and didn’t want in the first place. All this only makes everything more complicated when simplicity should be what is strived for. I have told toast what I think of their crap – it stinks! Anybody know of another ISP that is independent and not beholden to a giant corporate spy machine?

  11. When I first signed up with Toast, I asked “What are you going to do when you get a bigger clientel? The answer was “Buy the building next door and hire more local people.” Keep it in the USA – right?”, I asked. “Definitely” was the answer. Now I’m told it must be my Browser that’s slowing things up. Well, from the posts above, I’m not the only one! And today it took forever – and Google Chrome isn’t automatically updating it’s Browser as it should! So I’m trying IE again – still a bugger. I liked Toast when it kept to the K.I.S.S. Principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Slowly, over the past 2 years my email’s gotten slower. Yah, I’m on dial-up – it’s what I can afford! I’m glad I can still talk to a real live person at Toast, but they can’t solve my problem anymore because Google just has forums. It’s a sad day. And I agree – we weren’t asked! Is it just a matter of time before “Tech Help” may be outside the USA? What little money I have – I want it right here in the USA and I DON’T want some big corporation having access to my bank. I’m sadly disappointed. Don’t see how I’ll get used to it… accessing my email takes forever. My back-up account at Yahoo is quicker. The one thing I haven’t ‘bundled’ was my email, but loyaly has missed it’s goal. We want the old Toast back!!!!! Just looked below – Notify me??? and how long will it take to get to my email to read the notifications??

  12. I am a dinosaur. I would like to use Outlook as my email client, because I want to. I have not been able to use Outlook, Thunderbird, or Zimbra to get my mail. I have configured them about 50 times each, or so, with varied degrees of failure. Is it still possible to use such a client anymore, or must I evolve?

    1. You can use an email client! They are losing popularity because of the very reason you described- they’re often difficult to configure, not to mention webmail systems offer more features than clients.

      If you want to set up Outlook, our Email Setup Wizard will help you through the process:

      1. I’ve used your email setup wizard, used Outlook’s wizard, tried Thunderbird, and spent plenty of time perusing the help pages of all the above. I swapped from the cheapest plan to the next one up, all to no avail. I was using Outlook for many years, then it stopped working. I set up a gmail account to check if Outlook could get mail there, and that worked. I really hope you can think of something that will fix this problem.

  13. I’ve been with for a long, long time. The main reason was the anchor in Ohio that has some pretty smart folks to assist me when things get a little strange. When the merger first occured I noticed that opening attachments in my Toast email no longer used the aps they were designed with (excel, ppt, etc) unless I saved them to my desktop and than ran them. Instead the mediocre google aps that are more intune with phones and tablets attempt to display the attachments in a lesser quality. Google may be one of the better search engines; but, gmail leaves a lot to be desired. Because of the merger I now have a dang gmail account also and it appears to be whacked-out and I am not going to deal with it! Please advise me when your beliefs return to American made is better than Google sneak thieves. Ciao!

    1. David,

      The points you are making about attachments are inherent to any web-based email service.’s mail has been Google based for at least the last 3 years, and it the world’s most popular email platform. If you were to use Microsoft’s Hotmail or Yahoo mail, you have to download the attachments before you can use them as well. The only difference is Google gives the option to open the attachment up through their apps so you don’t have to download it.

      People having problems with Google mail tend to either be running an older computer with an old web browser, or are on a slow dial-up connection. There are solutions for both situations:

      1) Use a more modern web browser. Internet Explorer 8 or lower can’t quite cut it anymore.
      2) Websites don’t cater to slow connections anymore. Look into a faster connection such as DSL or Wireless.

      1. Doug,

        I follow what you are saying as far as this started about 3 years ago. I’ve been with for much longer than that and apparently became spoiled by the older email optimization your company used to support. I believe Chrome is up to speed as a browser and the wireless network I set-up at my home/ office supplies a steady MB+ up and down (though the icon says 54 MB… LOL). My most used machine (laptop) has a Centrino Duo cpu, a ton of ram and nearly a tri of hard disk. I use Google as my homepage because it loads as quickly as anything I’ve found. Sadly, the XP PRO platform is aged, I really liked leaving the machine in stand-by so boot takes about 3 seconds; of course, I liked the old W2000. I know Vista/Longhorn never had that ability and from reviews W7 and W8 have glitches also. To reiterate, many Google apps are disappointing and the fact that NSA supplied seed money for google leads to speculation about security issues similar to many social networking apps. I had previously felt that used their own “scrubbers” and this is another reason I had recommended your ISP- email to others. As a script writer from the 80s I realize adapting to someone elses code is less challenging; but, I actually expected more from some good ol’ buckeyes.

  14. I have been trying to retrieve my email from for over 2 hours to no avail! WHY?
    I have had for almost 5 years! I am thinking of changing to AOL! Why did you have to change “”

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