The December Roadmap: Heading for the Holidays

Is it December already? has some interesting things in the oven along with the Christmas cookies this month, so let’s get everyone up to date:

Where’s My Wireless? announced 3G wireless as “Coming soon” last month, and unfortunately it’s been a little past “soon” at this point. We’re ironing out some items on the technical side so we can ensure our wireless connections will be the high quality and trouble-free product that you’ve come to expect from Our customer service is currently beta testing a few wireless connections with select customers, and we expect to roll out the product within the coming weeks (and we’re not kidding this time!). Prices for 3G Wireless service are expected to start around $25, and dial-up users rejoice! We checked and most of you are covered in our service area! Stay tuned for further updates.

Email Sub-Accounts residential customers are able to create extra “vanity’ email addresses, and this week we retired one of them. “” email accounts have officially gone to that big domain cloud in the sky. Maybe rightfully so…I’m not even sure what a “cubfanbudman” is supposed to be. You can still choose from over two dozen more-sensical email addresses to use for family, friends, spare accounts…anything you wish! If you have college football fans in the house, maybe using an or address will spark some rivalry. Maybe you’re a NASCAR lover, and Dale Earnhardt would certainly take notice if you sent an email  from an address. These email accounts are fun, functional, and free to all residential users! Log into My Account, set some up, and have a blast.

Thank You for Your Response – Small Business Saturday

American Express© once again sponsored Small Business Saturday on Nov. 26th, and they reported it was the most successful year ever! participated with a great Website special, and because of the response we’ve decided to keep it going. There is no excuse for a small business not to have a website: the web is the #1 way people find out about businesses they want to deal with. If your business doesn’t have a website, prepare to lose a customer to the competitor that does. We’re helping correct that by offering a 5 page, professionally designed website and free domain registration for $250. We’ll even wrap it up and put a bow on it if you wish! For details on this great offer, check out our Small Business Saturday page.

Get Those Smartphones and Tablets Setup for

All of’s email systems can be setup for use on your iPad, iPhone, tablet, Android phone, Blackberry…you name it. In most cases, you can also sync your contacts, and calendars, and Start Page. Our Email Setup Wizard is going through an upgrade and now supports mobile device setup — configuring your device to receive email and appointments has never been easier! Enter your email address, select your phone, and receive specific instructions for your particular email address (residential and business…they’re both covered). We’re going to be adding more upgrades in the next week or so. Give the Email Setup Wizard a try and let us know what you think: Email Setup Wizard (beta)

That’s it for this month. Have a great holiday season!

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7 thoughts on “The December Roadmap: Heading for the Holidays

  1. Will I be able to get e-mail on a Kindle Fire or Nook Color when we FINALLY get WiFi? And which would you recomend that would be most compatible with my Toast .net account??

  2. I’ve been dealing with dial-up for 15 years. Finally having access to a high speed connection at home would be like candy rain from heaven. Hopefully I’ll be in the coverage area. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Will there be some type of notification when I am close to using the 1Gb of usage with the $25 wireless plan? I hate biling surprise.

      1. Thanks for the calls today…I guess it really IS Christmas!! Looking forward to a “new” way of using your service. At least I now know of one good thing to look forward to in 2012. Merry Christmas and a Happy, prosperous New Year!!

  4. So, December is almost over. What’s the status of the wireless service? Do you know when it will be available, and who the server will be?

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