Playing with Web Presence Builder

This week, I’ve been messing around with our new Web Presence Builder. As you may have heard, this is our new tool allowing anyone to build a professional looking website in minutes. I’m happy to report it works VERY well. I’ve been having a lot of fun using it: when you log into Web Presence Builder, you are presented with a list of different templates that cover nearly any situation you can think of: Law firm, plumbers, wedding planning, birthday, hobbyist, musician, car repair, physician, health club…there’s dozens of choices, and if you’re one of those strange people who doesn’t fit into any category you can even make your own.

Once you choose a template, Web Presence Builder’s “smart” technology takes over and pre-fills the site with relevant and useful content. Restaurants will have a menu and reservation section. Doctors will have appointment and contact info showing up. Design studios will have photo galleries set up. It also inserts data into the background automatically to make sure the site gets picked up by search engines. You click a button and half of the work is done for you automatically!

I made a quick video showing me creating a decent looking, functional website in under 10 minutes. I’m throwing down the gauntlet and taking on all challengers: who can build a website from scratch faster than this?

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