5 thoughts on “The November Roadmap: Good Stuff Ahead!

  1. Hi. I”m really thrilled that toast is going to have a wireless connection. I’ve used toast for a number of years & have been quite pleased. However, when I moved to a rural area in NC, I couldn’t get DSL. I don’t even have a home phone here, just use my cell phone. Unfortunately the only wireless carrier that gets reliable service up here on my hill is Verizon. I’m don’t like using verizon for any number of reasons. And now I see that the wireless carrier for toast is going to be T-Mobile… crap! I still won’t be able to use it. I love where I live, but there are some major disadvantages.

    1. Rececca, we experimented with a TMobile provider previously, but weren’t happy with the results. Our new carrier will provide much better service, and the MiFi card used to connect is far superior. Keep a look out for the official announcement!

  2. Can’t wait…been waiting. What’s the cost going to be?? Hope it’s reasonable, I’m a senior citizen on S.S. Looking forward to see what’s next.

  3. Hey guys, I am in the same situation as Rebecca in NC, only I am in rural Tn on the other side of the mountains. I have been stuck with dial-up for years and recently AT&T announced 4G coming into the area. I am close enough to one of their towers, so it might work. I would feel like a traitor if I had to leave Toast, so I am holding on for a few more weeks, desperately hoping that your system will work here. I really appreciate all you folks at Toast.Net !! Ron

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