Windows XP hits 10, and is still the most used OS

Windows XP BirthdayMicrosoft released Windows XP on Oct. 25th, 2001…10 years ago this week. You can’t buy it anymore, Microsoft was forced by consumers to extend support for it until 2014 (despite the pleas to upgrade), and it’s still being used by the majority of the world’s PC’s. Why is a decade-old operating system still being used by so many people? Users will say things like “It’s simple. It’s reliable. It’s familiar…”; but the real reason Windows XP is still around: Continue reading “Windows XP hits 10, and is still the most used OS”


It’s Phone Season! – Best of the Best Smartphones

It happens once, maybe twice a year. One company releases a hot new phone, then we get a month of one-upmanship from the other manufacturers. The result: We get oodles of new toys to play with! There is so much going on in the smartphone arena right now I can hardly keep up. With more people focusing on being mobile, it has become a priority to have a phone that can sync email accounts, calendars, contact lists, and documents. If you’re in the market and looking to add mobility to your life, here’s the current “Best of the Best” list on each carrier:





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Wireless: It’s Quickly Cutting Your Cords

Wireless - cut the cablesIt could be a commercial on daytime TV:

“Do you, or someone you know, live in an area that does not have high-speed Internet available?…”

According to a study in February 2011 by the NYTimes, 40% of US residence in rural America do not have access to a broadband connection. That’s a staggering amount of citizens that are missing out on the largest source of information and education in the history of man. Continue reading “Wireless: It’s Quickly Cutting Your Cords”

Steve Jobs: The Henry Ford of Our Generation

Steve Jobs 1955-2011By now, I’m sure everyone is aware of the unfortunate passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. However, few are aware of his contributions to the way we live our lives today. “Contributions” may be too soft of a word… he actually shaped much of the modern world we’re now familiar with.

Steve was not only a visionary, but a rare type of visionary that actually acted on his ideas and beliefs. Instead of going with the flow, he would start at the beginning of an established concept and carve his own path. Apple’s company slogan: “Think”, is very profound. Progress isn’t made by following existing ideas. Progress comes from thinking of new ways, and Steve demanded everyone around him to follow this mantra. This philosophy not only produced amazing products, it shaped an entire generation: Continue reading “Steve Jobs: The Henry Ford of Our Generation”

Do You Need Antivirus Software Anymore?

Do You Need Antivirus Software?Ask the question “Do I need to run antivirus software?” and you’re likely to get a lot of strong worded responses one way or the other.

If you’re the one asking this question, the answer is probably “yes.” The full answer is a bit more complicated as antivirus software is but one ingredient in the recipe for security. Home and small business users will want to take note of this, because you are the people who tend to be on the lax end of PC security: Threats come from multiple sources, so you have to maintain multiple forms of protection. Multiple forms of protection does not mean running multiple copies of antivirus software. I see this from time to time on family and friends’ computers, with the proud claim “Nothin’ gets by me! Look at all the stuff it catches on a daily basis!” I’ll look at the logs and see a bunch of warnings about Norton Antivirus detecting suspicious activity from McAfee Antivirus, McAfee blocking Norton due to suspicious Internet traffic, or both of them failing because they’re trying to scan a file at the same time. Run only one antivirus package at a time. You’ll be better off and enjoy a much faster computer.

Multiple forms of protection DOES mean “keep a well rounded approach to all of your computer’s systems.” Here’s some things to consider when thinking about Internet Security: Continue reading “Do You Need Antivirus Software Anymore?”