’s Back to School Tools

It’s about that time again. Grills and patio furniture are being replaced by 3-ring binders and pens in stores. The shorts are coming off the shelves and being replaced by dress pants. Children are watching the calendar as if it’s a count-down to the end of the world. Yes…it’s time to get ready for school again.

Classrooms have evolved over the last 10 years. The introduction of email and interactive websites has changed the way students operate. The “new” traditional way of typing up reports, term papers, and other fun things that are normally done last minute on a Sunday night require software. A lot of people use Microsoft Word, which can cost upwards of $150 to purchase. Documents in Word are saved on the computer’s hard drive, then either emailed to the teacher as an attachment, copied to a USB drive and carried to school, or printed out and popped into a folder.

This traditional method is also wrought with problems. Students tend to be the forgetful sort, so forgetting to send a paper or forgetting to print it out leads to trouble. There’s also the “My computer ate my homework” excuse, “I hit delete instead of save on my paper,” and the ever popular “My house was robbed last night and my laptop was stolen” story. has a better way to get homework done, and it’s already included with all residential accounts! Continue reading “’s Back to School Tools”


One of the Most Important Tools Your Business Probably Isn’t Using

IntranetA lot of people see the word Intranet and think to themselves “Ha! That guy misspelled Internet!” Actually, an Intranet is a type of “customized Internet” specifically designed to house company or group information. Imagine it as your own private office on the streets of the Internet…just as your employees are the only ones that can enter your workplace, your employees are the only ones that can see your Intranet. Continue reading “One of the Most Important Tools Your Business Probably Isn’t Using”

Tech Curmudgeon: Invent a Problem, Sell a Solution!

Flowbee?It seems like all the good problems have already been fixed.

Need to eat quick?  Microwave.
Need to get there quick?  Car.
Need to look up something?  Computer
…while travelling in your car to buy a new microwave?  Smartphone.

You get the idea — every normal situation has a product that makes it more convenient. Since all the common situations are accounted for, it forces manufacturers to create “new” common situations. Using mystical powers and Jedi mind tricks,  they convince you that you’re going to experience these invented happenings, and before you know it you’re whipping out your credit card. Here’s a few examples I ran across recently. Continue reading “Tech Curmudgeon: Invent a Problem, Sell a Solution!”

Gmail Labs: The 6 Best Add-Ons

As I’ve said before, Google loves to innovate. They have a staff of brainiacs that does nothing but think of new ideas and how they can be implemented. In fact, they create so many ideas that it gets difficult to implement them all. In order to regulate the flow of the think tank, Google has created a Labs section for Gmail. On your mail screen, click on the Settings icon and select Mail Settings, then you’ll see an option for Labs. This area contains some of the better ideas that have came through the pipeline. Features in the Labs section can enhance email functionality and save a lot of time.  Here’s my 6 favorite: Continue reading “Gmail Labs: The 6 Best Add-Ons”

Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google Apps. It’s ON!

Google Apps vs. Microsoft Office 365Microsoft recently put the Open for Business sign on it’s Office 365 product, and it seems to be targeted directly at Google Apps. Office is still Microsoft’s bread and butter, so it didn’t take kindly to Google muscling in on its document domination. I had a chance to try out the new Office 365 service this week, and while it appears it and Google Apps do much of the same thing, there are several key differences (and price tags). Let’s examine both products to see how they compare. Continue reading “Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google Apps. It’s ON!”