Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Walkthrough

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Windows 7 is viewed as a vast improvement over Microsoft’s Vista PR disaster, and the first major update for the operating system recently became available.  Service packs are a series of security patches, bug fixes, and new features Microsoft periodically groups together into a “pack” for more convenient installation.  Unlike service packs for earlier versions of Windows, this one doesn’t really have any major new features.  If you’ve kept up with your regular windows updates, there’s really no need to drop everything and install this right away.

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The Money Pit of Doing It Yourself

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I was helping Dave, one of my long time clients, with an email problem the other day.  He was complaining of email performance issues; things such as “it takes a long time to send messages,” and “email takes forever to show up when I check the Inbox.”  The first thing I do with this type of problem is check the Internet connection.  Diagnostics showed it to be working well, but there was a lot of traffic being sent out from his network.  So much, in fact, that it was crippling the ability of his office to operate.  After a bit of detective work we pinpointed the problem:  Dave’s in-house Exchange server is going berserk.  “It’s been a problem for a few days…I was hoping it would fix itself,” he explained.  He’s holding off on calling his server technician because an average visit costs over $600.  Many small businesses can’t afford a bill like that on a regular basis, yet problems seem to pop up on a regular basis when you’re running your own equipment.  It’s a bad situation that’s really affecting Dave’s bottom line. Continue reading “The Money Pit of Doing It Yourself”