Google for Nonprofits is Rewarding On Two Fronts

I love to help people.  I really do.  If someone is genuinely stuck on something, there’s no better feeling than being able to use a resource I have at my disposal and come to the rescue.  This sense of chivalry was probably ingrained in my head due to a penchant for Superman comic books in my youth, but the intent is genuine.  A resource that gives me that giddy feeling every time it is employed is Google for Nonprofits.  Nonprofit organizations are in a difficult situation:  they all need business class tools to be effective, but do not have business class profits coming in to pay for everything.  A lack of funding for effective tools can easily turn goals into disappointments.  Google for Nonprofits resolves this problem by giving organizations a state-of-the-art Internet platform at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Computer hardware, software, and staffing are some of the biggest cash dumps for any organization, and all three are essential.  Google for Nonprofits replaces these costs by making all resources cloud based.  Servers?  Not needed.  Software?  Available from any web browser.  IT staff?  Not necessary.  Liberation from these former confinements can make a huge difference.  Google recently posted an exposé about the nonprofit Samasource. This organization took advantage of Google for Nonprofits, saving tens of thousands of dollars that they were able to divert to their programs:

If your nonprofit organization is in a similar situation, I can’t recommend Google for Nonprofits enough.  It’s one package that does everything needed to effectively communicate, allowing your organization to spend less time focusing on the accounting and more time on its vision.  I get to help you set things up and make sure everything runs smoothly, and you get to further your cause with increased efficiency.  In the end, we both get to wear a big red S on our chest for our “super” achievements.

Samasource is a non-profit that gives dignified, digital work to marginalized people around the world.  If you would like to donate or provide job opportunities, please visit