Google plays nice with Microsoft (finally)

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Image via CrunchBase

Google and Microsoft don’t quite see eye to eye these days.  Google Search vs. Bing, Gmail vs. Hotmail, Internet Explorer vs. Chrome…it’s a long list of battles.  Microsoft was a little late to the “use the cloud” concept, so people stuck on the MS Office platform are still doing the “save a document, email it to a colleague, wait for a response to be emailed back, make changes, wash, rinse repeat” method of data collaboration.  Not only is it slow, it’s fraught with problems because so many steps are involved.

Today Google released its Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office utility that gets rid of those steps.  This free app allows you to share your Office documents instantly with anyone you choose, and collaborators can even do real-time document changes- similar to the way Google Docs documents are shared.  I’m not a fan of email tag when trying to get work done, and this solves the problem nicely.  Give it a whirl and let me know what you think!